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Thread: Good News!

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    Good News!

    x[cavyr] is having baby # 2 tomorrow Saturday the 17th of July. We know this because our due date was Wednesday the 14th of July and the Good ol Doc is on duty early Sat morning and is going to induce the Mrs. around 7:30 am. A bit of history- my first child, a beautiful little girl, is already 22 months old for those without children that equates to almost 2 years of age. And FYI it has gone fast - way too fast - however I am a glutton for punishment and thought that two would be easier to handle (lol!) and I believe in lots of sleep and free time if you believe sarcasm. We have peaked cheated and looked through modern technology and know that #2 is a Man child, yes a MAN so watch out ladies. The only bad news revolves around Mamma’s requirement to let Dr. Snippy hands conduct his business on any three day weekend of my choosing so any of you married guys that have a connection to the man with the soft touch who works in SD feel free to drop his name into my mailbox.

    That is all, hope all your weekends go well.
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    Yay ... congratulations!

    And with a Man child, you'll only have to worry about ONE penis, not thousands!

    I do not know a Dr. Snippy (and never ever will) but I can turn you on to Dr. Jellyfinger when you start getting prostate exams... he's got a soft touch

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    Awesome cavyr. I remember when you had your first kid as it was just after I was invited to join x.

    Congrats on your second. GL with the doctor.
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    the whole Dr snippy thing sounds bloody unnecessary but congrats anyways. you masochistic bastard
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