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Thread: World Cyber Games Oct. 6 ~ Oct. 10, 2004

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    World Cyber Games Oct. 6 ~ Oct. 10, 2004

    The World Cyber Games 2004 Grand Final will be in San Francisco from October 6th through October 10th. For the first time, World Cyber Games will open a BYOC LAN Party section available to non-competitors. Sharpen your skills and improve your strategies while competing in daily tournaments in the BYOC hosted by NVIDIA. All participants of the WCG 2004 BYOC will receive souvenirs and be eligible for drawings to win PCs, MP3 players, and graphics cards from NVIDIA. Register now through NVIDIA and receive $10 off of your BYOC registration!

    Here are some important links:

    World Cyber Games main page:

    World Cyber Games Grand Final main page:

    Press release on the BYOC announcement here:

    BYOC details here:

    ...and finally, this is the link to get $10 off for registration for the five-day LAN party.

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