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Thread: 21 Ways to be a good Democrat

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    Quote Originally Posted by x[lonewolf] View Post
    last I checked neither are.

    when my wife was sick and passed out the fire dept came to the house and said that they would be sending us a bill....think it was like $70 or something

    regardless even if I am not thinking correctly on it there is no way that either the grade school or fire dept is free. that money comes from somewhere, me thinks taxes

    They may not charge you up front for the services, but you get assfucked in the backend when they tax you.

    Sure you may not have to pay for healthcare, education, etc up front. But there is no way you can tell me your taxes (if you were a working person and not a student) would be between 20 to 30% (as they are for most middle class working families in USA). No fucking way that that is possible.
    You must live in one of the few areas in the US where they do charge you for firefighting.

    I know where the money comes from. My point by calling it free was to show that there aren't any barriers to getting that service.

    So are you saying that if every parent had to pay from kindergarten on that society would be a better place? Are you entirely sure that your parents would have been able to afford those charges and that you wouldn't be out picking lettuce for the lucky few that did have the chance to go to school? Yes, you will pay 40% or even 50% instead of 20-40% taxes. But at what cost does that extra income get you? In the US, we assume that all countries have bums/ crazy people on their streets and that muggings and homicides are common enough to warrant behavior modifications. They aren't. ( this is broad, but gives some insight into the difference ). What does that affect have on the psyche of the populace? How much do you trust letting your kid out at night to play?

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    Anyone believing more than a few of these (some are valid/applicable and true) is almost certainly an idiot...

    Some are pretty damn funny tho (13 for instance).
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    wdc are you going to troll through all of our old posts and post more mindless drivel? I am going to have to check the post dates more carefully now...
    inter arma silent leges

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    Well this is pretty ironic. I was surfing around today and saw this posted:;photovideo

    Pretty much sums up much better than I ever could the differences between a socialist community (most importantly the mindset that creates) and the US.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by x[grendel] View Post
    wdc are you going to troll through all of our old posts and post more mindless drivel? I am going to have to check the post dates more carefully now...
    Only those deemed relevent! No not really I just saw a couple worth commenting on. Besides. The other Post was NOT ME! It was some other goofball. Hence Why I trolled on the dude because he was commenting on Football news that was over a year old as if it were current events LOL
    You smile because you're happy. I smile cuz you don't have a clue of what's next!

    Life's An Ironic Bitch HUH?!?!

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    Very insightful article on the financial crisis as well as the impact regulation (or lack therein) had on it and will have on the next one:

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    I like how the right, and fox news have suddenly turned the word "Social" into a curse word.

    Like the guy at the retarded town hall that said "Keep your government hands off of my medicare."

    Ummm.... ?
    "Yeild to temptation. It may not pass your way again."

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