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Thread: Huge LAN Party in Dec

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    Omg Hi2u Mr.flamer.

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    hi osi :0

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    Here I will reply to a couple of different posts at once.

    Quik: lol, dont you ladies have something better to do between xmas and new years, instead your going to play video games...
    Answer: No, and neither do you or anybody else. I'm sticking with Biohazard's reply for this one.

    X[misuse]: Kinda unprofessional IMO. Post what you want then deal with the person behind the scenes. Or is this the kind of LAN that will be going on?
    Answer: Seniorquico is a good friend of mine, but he does get jealous from time to time

    X[cazter]: Hrmm.. Well, just out of curiosity how did you guys hear about x? I realize we have a following of several million people but just for the sake of clarifying maybe you could specify.
    Answer: I was playing CS:S in your server #1 (with the best ping if I might add) last thursday with some of your clan members when somebody started talking about ppl living in SoCal, so I brought up our lan, and X[Silver] who I was playing with (among others) said that you were having your guys' lan that weekend. He gave me your url so I went there and told my fellow admin Grant to point his browser in the same direction. Unfortunately that weekend neither of us could stick around because of work/school, but we were satisfied in heading down there and checking it out. All of the people we talked to seemed cool, so I was surprised at the little "problem" you guys had. We talked about our lan with some of your clanmates and someone suggested that we post in your forums, and that brings us to today.

    X[flamer]: So, you wouldnt mind if a few 16 year olds showed up? :)
    Answer: Not in the least.* Your age doesn't matter to us, but your personality, demeanor, and your affinity for leaving a mess all over our bathrooms can change that.

    X[osiris]: I'll steal your tv.
    Answer: No you won't. Nice try though...I like your avatar.

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