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Thread: Coachella 2k5

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    Coachella 2k5

    Weak for Dance music this year. Whos going?

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    Once again, the lineup blows...

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    The lineup this year is aiight. Last years lineup was awesome, but the way they put that show together FUCKING SUCKED.

    /begin rant

    First of all, you can't find a hotel for under $500/ night anywhere in the greater redneck area of Indio, so you end up camping there. You have to haul all of your shit about a mile from your parking spot all the way to the campsite in scorching heat. You then wake up to the same scorching heat of 100+ at about 6 in the mo' only to find that the line for the shower is about 4 hours long, so your nastyness is guaranteed. Noone has any drugs because they basically cavity search everyone before they get in. I was thinking, whatever, I'll just get hammered. Then they empty all of your pockets and don't let you bring in any food or ANY WATER... FUCKING WATER in 100 degree weather with little to no shade!!! So you have to wait in long ass lines and pay $3 for a little bottle of water and $10 for shitty food. I finally get in and go straight to the "bar". They only have coors light or amstel light on tap. And it's $5 a glass. By the time you drink it, you've already sweated it out because its fucking 120 degrees in the shade. And on the topic of shade, there isn't much. What shade there is, is completely packed by people trying to escape the heat. They are all thinking, fuck the music, I'm trying to make it out of here alive, so they are all pissed off... just like I was.



    /end rant

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    Nine Inch Nails ALMOST makes the second day worth it, but everything else sucks so bad it won't be worth the money
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