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Thread: Congress on steroids

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    Congress on steroids

    Don't know if this should go in to "sports" or "political bullshit" so I put it here.

    Why is the US Congress involved in steroid use in baseball? Do they not have something more important to do? Like cutting some government waste, debate on judicial nominees, North Korea, nukes in Iran, you know, inconsequential stuff like that.

    Baseball is a private entertainment enterprise. Let the audience decide what the hell we want out of our idols and heroes. If we like drugs, the ratings will climb. If we don't, we'll stop watching. I don't remember the Constitution ever said anything about regulating steroid use in baseball. If anything at all, this should be regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission, as it is an interstate commerce.

    If I can have my way, I would not regulate this crap at all. If some moron wants to kill himself to perform better in a game just to entertain me, I'd say let him. He's not harming anyone but himself. This is less of a problem than drunk driving, or even talking on cell phone while driving. I think there's a bigger threat to my life from a cell phone driver than a juiced slugger.
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    I think the bigger argument to this one is does it create an even playing field, yes if everyone can, but then again does everyone want to. and then theres also why not do what you can with the body your given but that ones already been thrown out the window with all the plastic surgery stuff. I like that sports competition ones that is are regulated so that people arent allowed to use steroids. They produce un-natural muscle gain and are usually not good for your body. so i say keep sports clean.

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