So, I walk out to my MS Miata to go to work at about 5:30AM...

Someone had opened the door next to mine about 3 feet up and had sliced a 2' by 2' hole in my convertible top. The popped the locked center console, moved the seats, checked everything, went through the trunk -- AND STOLE NOTHING.

There was nothing in the cab to steal, besides my Google badge, which was in the locked center console. I had old baseball gear in the trunk.

Pisses me off.. it's probably $2500 in damage. They didn't take anything. I leave my glove box down, cup holders up, etc, just to show that there's nothing in the car to take. This was one of the rare times I didn't leave my doors totally unlocked. I usually do, because I was so sick from the last time when they took jack $hit when they broke my window.

This was one of the reasons I didn't want a convertible. Ugh. Now I have to take the tram to Google everyday and just leave my car here underground. It's not worth the risk anymore to keep it in my garage in my gated apartment community. Stupid.

Sucks. Reallllllllly sucks.