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Thread: AMD/Microsoft Tech Tour 2005—accelerating towards a city near you

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    AMD/Microsoft Tech Tour 2005—accelerating towards a city near you

    Get up to speed on 64-bit and dual-core technology—two of the hottest computing trends this year. The AMD/Microsoft Tech Tour 2005 will soon arrive in your area! Learn first-hand about exciting and innovative offerings from AMD and its partners. This year, AMD is proud to work with Microsoft as the co-sponsor of the AMD Tech Tour. Explore the potential of dual-core processors powered by AMD64 technology and learn about the tremendous benefits for your business.

    What will you learn at Tech Tour?

    This event will feature interactive demonstrations, information, giveaways, prize drawings, and even a complimentary buffet dinner. Get fast-lane access to benchmarks, product roadmaps, and technical information. You'll also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with AMD and Microsoft representatives.

    It's not too late to register! Sign up now and take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet directly with AMD, our partners, and your peers.

    Available bundles on registration!

    Anyone wanna go to this and pick me up a new Mbd and processor?
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    those deals aren't that great.. might be worth checking out though

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    Bumping this since its coming up soon for CAL. These deals are actually very good IMO. The 250 dollar bundle is worth close to 450 dollars alone, the only problem with the bundles is they are not for resale.

    Anyone looking to buy a new setup on the cheap this might be a good idea. That server setup is mighty temping. You could always sell your current setup and buy the 250 one and have a very fast and cheap upgrade.

    One other thing, it seems they are giving away a lot of stuff too. A guy posted on anandtech forums that they gave a way a lot of ATI 850xt PCI express cards. Who knows what they will give away at your location and if its true.

    I'm going to try and go to the one here in Dallas, and if I do make it I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by x[executioner]
    the only problem with the bundles is they are not for resale.
    With the exception of Windows, you probably wouldn't have any trouble unloading that stuff on ebay if you didn't mention where you got it.

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