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Thread: Better Update That Anti-Spyware

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    Exclamation Better Update That Anti-Spyware

    This is one PRIME reason for making all the spyware out there illegal, and hold accountable the scum sucking perpetrators of unwanted & unauthorized spyware installation on computers. I swear to God the fuckers who do this spyware and spam e-mail bullshit should have their throats slit with a dull knife.,00.html

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    The best part is the average user just loves to click on shit and have it installed on their computer. I had this Cool Web Search on a customerís computer once and there wasn't a damn thing I could to do completely remove it. It would be installed in a normal directory, and then after you get rid of it the program automatically reinstalls itself from some random place and you don't even have to be online for it to happen. Once people get educated and learn not to click on every goddamn window that pops up when they're online the problem might go away.

    But yes, the people that make and distribute this shit should be murdered.

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