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Thread: Go out and buy your CD's

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    Go out and buy your CD's

    ...And you'll find that this happens to your system. Oh, and there's nothing in the EULA that mentions it. :new_321: :blowup: :It__s_Out :Stab_emot :indabutt: :snipersmi :Death_To_ :Beat_Them :Suspiciou

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    Is that "class-action" I smell in the air?
    Good lord are there no good games to play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by x[bodyshot]
    Is that "class-action" I smell in the air?
    Nope, Sony BMG got wind of this, and are now running scared. It took all of only TWO DAYS for this to get out and get passed around before they posted a so-called UPDATE to delete the RootKit cloaking technology. But then again, the bastards at Sony must have already had this "update" in hand because they threw it out there lightning fast once word got out they were using cloaking technology that affected peoples systems, and it was never included in any of their "Copy Protected" CD's. So there might actually be a payday for the lawyers after all, but the consumers will get zilch, of course.

    I'll bet the RIAA had full knowledge of this technology, and even endorsed it in some way, if not helped develop it. The record label bastards sue little kids for ripping MP3's, but have the audacity to install Rootkits on peoples systems using cloaking technology that affects the system by using resources and information gathering without knowledge or consent

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    You bet your last battom dollar bastards did it on porpuse. Where was always a reason why I hated Sony. And this doesn't make me feel any better towards them.
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    It turns out that this rootkit also phones home to sony, doing some kind of update for its media player.

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    Wow, this really DOES go deeper than everyone suggests!

    After reading the updated story here, one of the reply comments caught my eye. Apparently the software installs a software filter or "blacklist", literally breaking access to multiple media players and making the songs only playable on Sony/BMG's included media player, not to mention the possibility of simply outright removing access to your CD/DVD drives themselves.

    The text file listing the potentially effected media players can be found here:

    He also states:
    If you want a more concrete proof, try to rename your favourite ripping software as $sys$whatever.exe and then run it again. You'll notice that the DRM system can no longer detect it, and thus you'll get good copy of the track you try to rip instead of one filled with noise.
    Pretty nifty right there! Using their software against them! I laughed until I shat myself...

    But as I stated before, this is too easy to bypass in the first place. Next "multi-billion dollar copy protection software scheme defeated by the shift key" please?

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    I only deal in pirated media and software. The pirated stuff is safer than legitimate stuff now.

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    If someone, found this shit on there computer, and they owned a small buisness, and it had been causing problems for them ie had to have techs come in and pay money out, had to buy new computers? Could they go out and sue these fags?

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    Jake: yes you can and there are class action suits already on that.

    The EFF has some more info on Sony's EULA of their CD's. That was shocking. Sony
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    Starting today, Sony is requesting all retailers to pull affected titles from store shelves. About 20 titles are involved, from Dave Matthews to Foo Fighters. It has said it will follow up later this week with information on how to get replacement CDs that do not contain the dangerous DRM schemes.
    Finally they are doing something productive.
    Sony has certainly seen more than their allotment of negative light due to this issue, and rightly so given how deeply their software invades the PC it is installed on. Indeed, it is worse than some of the early AOL software.

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    I'm beginning to know if this is ever going to stop. Found on slashdot:

    Deaths Hand writes "According to this Dutch article the Sony DRM software (or rootkit, if you may prefer) contains code from the LAME MP3 encoder project, which is licensed under the LGPL. However, the source code has not also been distrbuted, hence breaching the license. Here is an english translation of the page." So apparently Sony violates your privacy to create a backdoor onto your machine using code that violates an Open Source license. This story just keeps getting stranger.
    This reminds me of when M$ used a warez copy of soundforge to make WinXP. I'm loving this extremely ironic double standard that big companies seem to have

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    Update on Sony.

    Company will also distribute program to remove virus-like software
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    Sony reiterated that the copy-protection software installs itself only on personal computers and not on ordinary CD and DVD players.

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