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    Sign This!

    Hopefully those ATI fux0rz will get the hint. Their customer service sucks as well, but I'd be happy with just the control panel

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    You could go to and get them. They come with ATI Tray Tools which in my opinion is a better application.

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    yea i used omega drivers as well when i had my ati card, it ran alot better when i played source, but i had the AIW and i couldnt use the tv software or anything, but maybe that was just me
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    Ya, I use ATITT as well and it is great. I'm still sad that they dropped the control panel for something that is so crappy. wtf were they thinking

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    That control panel used to work on my old cards, but now all I get is that stupid cti.exe error. So now, I just run the drivers only. And when you go to ATI's site, you don't get any answers to the problem. GAY!
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