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Thread: Very very refreshing approach.

  1. Very very refreshing approach.

    During the development of WAR Mythic has been about the most open, honest, and accessable company I have ever seen, the following link is a perfect example of what I mean by that.

    Backstory: On thursday mythic announced that a 2nd preview weekend was happening starting friday morning and running through till Open Beta on sunday. You can get in on PW2 only if you had access to the 1st one, and no european players had access..unless they bought a NA preorder. Some of the euro's did preorder the collector's edition and were not even admitted to closed beta, and add that with other problems with GOA (handling the EU launch/servers/accounting) and they are not very happy about us NA players getting 2 extra days before them.

    How many GM/VP/CEO's have you seen take the time to respond like this?

    Quote Originally Posted by 'Mark Jacobs - GM/VP/CEO of Mythic Entertainment, Inc
    If GOA and Mythic didn't care we would not be trying so hard to have a simultaneous launch because, let me tell you, that a launch in Europe at launch+60 would have been sooo much easier. If GO didn't care, they would not have made a fantastic commitment to the European player in terms of what they are doing with customer service and support post-launch for the game and they are following through on it but there are a lot of moving parts and yes, sometimes those parts get lost and/or broken. And if Mythic didn't care about the European customer, we would not be working as hard as we are to ensure this simultaneous launch. It would be ridiculously easy for us to miss the launch day in Europe, apologize and then continue on our merry way. All it would have taken is us not working as hard as we are with GOA together and then no simultaneous launch could occur.
    The rest of the response.(Long)
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    lol OH NOEZ two extra days! fuck. relax.

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