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Thread: Experienced WoW-BC Raiders?

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    Experienced WoW-BC Raiders?

    No, not talking about you Scott.

    Looking for an x who can take my guild, that's just seen a member influx (19 mostly RL friends to about 46 members), through some 25 man stuff. We want to take a crack at the recently nerfed BC end-game content before it becomes irrelevant in WotLK.

    Sooo.. SWP, BT... all that, or any of it, were down. We have well geared people and very well geared tanks. Our healers could use some help but our main Priest was +2000 (prior to spell power change) and various druids around 1600+.

    So yea, if there is someone who is experienced with these raids and wants to take us through this Sunday using my druid (potential off-tank, 19khp, 30k+ armor, 415 def, 50%+ dodge), it would be very much appreciated.
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    we cna do first 4 of hyjal and first 4 in BT np. gonna need shadow resist gear for mother. and swp, we can learn the trash pulls.
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    I raided bt with my guild (I was with them till illidan) before I sold my account. Also cleared all of hygal.
    I did get a chance to sit in on a few sunwell runs on a friends account, but they are a crappy group that has only now finnished sunwell with the nurfs :( so I never got that far in there with them.
    I did play Druid as my main but was resto and I don't really think I could tank for crap :/ I could point you to some good strats though.

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