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Thread: Xcom 66% off on Steam

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    Xcom 66% off on Steam

    All the Xcom games is now on sale on steam.

    You get:


    All for $5

    If you don't know what this game is you suck. But kids like Roong have an excuse.

  2. Nice find. I have very fond memories of taking a squad through the local newspaper press packin incendiary grenades and burning the place to the ground.. they were pissed about the damage, but hey..we killed the aliens. :)

  3. Woot, posted via my new G1

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    can they be still played on the new windows system? Those were 486 style games but i agree with mali they we a blast.
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    AWESOME! up till now I had to run the games off a backwards ass DosBox that didn't work half the time.

    P.S. With x:com TFTD I could only play it on XP, so i am not sure about the other games.
    Good lord are there no good games to play?

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