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Thread: chipset fan died

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    chipset fan died

    How do i go about removing my asus A8N5X chipset fan ? It's a lil silver color thingy that blew out tonight, and was wondering how i can remove it. its got to lil prongs on the end of it, that you push down, but it wont come out. i read i need to get to the back of it, to take out the prongs, is the correct ? Anyone please help me out. :(

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    are the prongs plastic? if so they are pressure fit and the right way is to take the mobo out and use a pair of pliers to pinch the other end. it'll pull right out.

    the wrong way is to use said pliers and yank it out from the front. itll work, but you might end up with a new mobo.

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    Yea, the best way to do it without breaking it... trust me I have done it before... is to take the entire motherboard out and then squeeze the clip ends in the back.

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    chipset fans are for sissies... be a man take the heatsink off you dont neet it, it's just for show

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