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Thread: HoN first impressions

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    Do you think criticizing me as a bad HoN player bother's me in the least? I have never said otherwise...

    You knew I was bad when we gamed together and yet you "rage/yell" and it's all very child like. We have all been gaming together way to long to get angry as you do over a game. I did not deliberately set out to make mistakes and you know that...

    What worse though is that you blatantly lied about a team fight situation where you messed up just as much as I did.... and you lied to save face blaming the whole scenario on me instead. You have this attitude of self-righteousness that does not allow you to be accountable for mistakes. I wonder if that braggart attitude carries over into RL? Do you emo out like that regularly in RL? I am willing to bet you do...
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    oh man...this is going to be good.

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    lol reminds me of monday night
    "....everyone wants to come to my house to RAGE."

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    There is now a sub-forum for HoN within the RTS gaming section of x forums (where this post is located), thanks to Sliver.

    Expect posts to follow regarding hero discussions, items, general strategy, etc.

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