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    Cauterize: Nuke or heal for ally with 6 sec CD
    Fire Shield: Shield that does AOE damage--also removes most debuffs.
    Sear: Passive that causes units attacked by Accursed to move slowly, and all units attacking the same unit seared to gain MS & AS
    Flame consumption: Activation removes debuffs--and causes all damage to Accursed to add rather than subtract from life, for 3/4/5 seconds. Automatically triggers at 400 life. 60 sec CD

    Cauterize 2/4/8/9
    Fire Shield 1/3/5/7
    Sear 10/12/13/14
    Flame consumption 6/11/16

    The trick is to typically use shield on yourself prior to using the nuke/heal. You can use the shield to take debuffs off of allies while using your own ultimate to take them from yourself. Accursed is one of the best tanks in the game, being one of the hardest heroes to kill. He is a very strong support hero. Laning accursed with a hero that can blink, go invis, or disable is a good idea.

    Starting items: 2 health pots, 1 mana pot, 1 logger's hatchet, 2 minor totems.

    Following items:
    Steamboots, & either Frostfield Plate, Abyssal Skull, Helm of Black Legion, Daemonic Breastplate, Behemoth's Heart
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    Dont get hack and slash on accursed. Its noob shit you fucks.

    I just punched a hurricane! WOOOOO!!!!

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