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    Blade Frenzy A 5 second whirlwind that renders swiftblade immune to magic and all non ultimate disables.
    Counter Attack Chance to counter-attack when attacked by a hero 15/20/25/30%
    Way of the Sword Crit strike for 2.0x damage 10/18/26/36%
    Swift Slashes 3/5/8 attacks dealing 150-250 damage per attack. Renders swiftblade invulnerable meanwhile.

    Blade Frenzy 1/3/5/7
    Counter Attack 8/14/15/17
    Way of the Sword 9/10/12/13
    Swift Slashes 6/11/16
    +2 stats 2/4

    Swiftblade should lane legion bottom/hellbourne top, with a hero that has a slow or targettable stun, hopefully being a ranged hero. You want to do a small amount of damage first, either by 1-2 attacks, or preferable, harass from the ranged hero. Then, slow/disable and blade fury for first blood. Swiftblade wants to get boots ASAP so that he can chase better and gank. Using blade fury takes off the effect of enhanced marchers, and runes (haste/dd), so be sure to blade fury AND THEN use enhanced marchers, allowing you to gain MS and path through the creeps so you are not blocked. As far as killing heroes in a lane, go at the enemy in blade fury; the opposing hero has a choice, run away to be hit by swift slashes, or stay in lane, until blade fury hits him and kills creeps only to die to swift slashes.

    Starting items: 2 health pots, 1 mana pot, 1 logger's hatchet, 2 minor totems

    Following items: Enhanced Marchers, & either Runed Axe or Helm of the Black Legion, Wingbow, Savage Mace, Hack and Slash, Shield Breaker
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