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Thread: Bf bc 2

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    im okay to wait for an actual game that works. meanwhile ill stick with mw2.
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    So I've played a lot more of it now and I'm definitely likeing it. Yeah you can't go prone and sometimes it's weird but for the most part you just get used to it and when your sniping it's kind of a good thing to be able to move right after you take your shot anyway. Haha there is nothing more gratifying then flying the UAV and dropping a missile on some poor snipers head either, I love it. The amount of destruction you can cause in the game is ridiculous. If you pound a building enough you can eventually make it completely fall apart until all you see left is the foundation. Or if you want to just blow a hole in the side and make yourself a nice little doorway you can do that too :)

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    I'm going to get this game and like it FOR SURE(unlike dragon homo origins). Been playing the BF series since 'nam

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    I like it so far. There are some gay aspects to it though.

    It only takes 4 C4 packs to destroy an objective. So on ANY objective, you can blow it up with a squad of Recon dudes. You can also blow up objectives with the UAV or the tank. which is pretty weak sauce. I played a round earlier today and scored 17,988 points in a single round on defense as a medic, then on offense....I made 200 points by blowing up all of the objectives with my squad.

    The game caters to the snipers, there is no ticket bleed on the attacking side and the enemy team can't go anywhere NEAR your spawn. So on offense...the attacking team can just sit back and peck people off for HOURS. Once you get all the unlocks, it doesn't matter what class you go because almost all the classes have the tommy gun and you can also get C4. There is NOTHING that can shoot above a 50 degree angle to shoot down Helo's or UAVs. There is no actual Radar UAV in the game, the recon class gets a motion mine that they can throw and it provides this in a small radius. You can spawn on ANYONE in your squad, so unless you kill an entire squad.....they will just re-spawn in about 8 seconds.

    The amount of smoke in the game is retarded as well, you can't see a god damn thing int he tanks. I have heard that you can force DirectX 9 in your INI files and it removes this though.

    I like it, but they need to fix the glitches and a WHOLE shitload of bugs. Like try holding shift, up arrow, and tab at the same time lol.
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    Word, you hit on all the points jihad. At least there will be other modes of play besides rush mode once the game goes retail.

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    Sounds Interesting. I may have to make my way into CB just to kill kbot & jihad and well everyone else too!
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    ill play.

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    I'll be joining you all soon enough!

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