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Thread: feeler : 8800 ultra oc

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    feeler : 8800 ultra oc

    my 680i board died on me and the 750i i bought to replace it isn't capable of holding the pair of these. i'm not really gaming on my pc anymore so i can live without one or both.

    they are both BFG, in perfect condition, with thermalright coolers and scythe fans. i paid $800 each for these in addition to over $100 each for the coolers/fans. obviously they aren't worth anywhere near that anymore but they are still very good cards.

    looking to hear if anyone is interested in one or the pair. serious offers and no lowball crap please.

    p.s. please ignore the cockatoo dust, i promise to clean it off

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    So you paid 1800 total for 2 cards and fans at one point?

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    close to it. these weren't cheap when they came out.

    gotta pay to play

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    you put them on bare carpet?! OMG static discharge!!!
    maybe they are dead already

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    yeah. i also ran around the house in my sock before as well

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