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Thread: Torchlight $5 on steam

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    Torchlight $5 on steam

    A friend passed this on to me...this weekend only, torchlight is $5 on steam. I thought this game was worth the $20 I paid for it originally, so I thought I'd pass this along.

    It's a diablo type game with some different flavors/skills. It's fun figuring how everything works, but there isn't nearly the same depth that diablo has. The unique items aren't very interesting, the random bosses aren't very dangerous or interesting, and there is nothing like the runeword or crafting mechanics. I still think it's worth playing. Single player only.
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    I bought this when it was 20 dollars as well and could not have been happier, I had a great time running through it. For a statup Indy company the game is exceptional, they plan on making an MMO out of it...which I probably won't play but I heard they are making a Torchlight 2 as well which I would be more interested in.

    For 5 bucks it's an amazing steal and well worth it.

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