Anyone plan on trying this out? I'll admit I'm curious about this.

Slated to come out july 20, the game is free to play up to lvl10 and thenyou have to buy a starter package ($20) which let's you go up to lvl 50. The fee also gives you $20 of game cash to spend on the microtransaction items that will be available(like double XP boosts and car upgrades)

If you pre-order, avail now. If you do pre-order you get a week jump on everyone to start playing on the 13th, get dbl xp during that time, get to reserve your driver name and permanent vip status in game. Plus invites to all following beta events.

The game has 150 miles of open road world.

Sounds interesting. I'll edit in some links when I get home as I'm posting from my phone at work now.