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Thread: The future economics and lifestyles of the 21st century

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    The future economics and lifestyles of the 21st century

    I've taken a significant break from posting because I'm well... not really playing much video games anymore. To say I've learned alot since I went back to school would be a ridiculous understatement. That being said, I was wondering if what I've been learning is mostly relegated to an academic circle or if its made it out to working people as well. Here's two videos from some folks that might be the best examples of the shift to come I've learned about.

    Juliet Schor is harvard professor of economics who lucidly states the consequences of our existing economic policy trajectory as well as discusses the paths to a more generalized life whereby provision is included directly and less of our life is anonymous/ monetized (or as she puts it "plenitude").

    Juliet Schor: Plenitude from toddboyle on Vimeo.

    Charles Eisenstein is a philosopher, but weaves arguments from multiple scientific disciplines into his discussion about our transition into "the next story".

    Charles Eisenstein from StormCloud Media on Vimeo.

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    i watched the first 15 minutes of both of those videos and found them to be really interesting, though a bit long for my stoned attention span haha. I really liked the second guys comment on the effect of forming cooperatives on GDP and other economic measures.

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