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Thread: Big Fixes Coming For Civilization V

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    Big Fixes Coming For Civilization V

    Since I actually stopped playing Civ V, because some stuff was so lame, but this is a HUGE patch.


    * Fix for production prompt that sometimes appears with newly created puppet states that could stop the player from being able to end the turn.
    * Aircraft banner corrections now when you rebase an aircraft, the number will move with it.
    * Resource icons now come up with Ctrl-R again, instead of sharing the same button with Build Roads.
    * Selecting a great general will no longer cause yield icons to appear.
    * Added option to disable auto-unit cycling.
    * Fix for full-screen game when running dual monitors. Previously, the curser could scroll off the "open" side, and not be able to scroll the map in that direction.
    * Misc additional fixes to mouse controls, and other interface issues.
    * Rounded out financial information in the Economic Overview screen. Details now provided on the amount of gold provided by each city, the cost of buildings in each city, etc.
    * Auto-populate save menu with save file name
    * Allow selection of other cities by hex from within the city screen
    * Added detailed trade route info to Economic Overview screen


    * Category list now displays correctly


    * Workers - Added option to force workers to ignore manually made improvements (so they don't change what you decide was best for a plot).
    * Workers - Fixed bug where number of turns to complete were incorrect in build action button tool-tip.
    * Economy - Fixed bug where players could disband a single unit, and not see the economic return until disbanding 1 more.
    * Economy Increased city wealth setting to 25%
    * Economy Multiple fixes to the way trade-routes are tabulated and recognized.
    * Economy - Can now sell Buildings in a city (to help lower maintenance for obsolete buildings later in the game).
    * Trade Found and corrected a Trade problem that could cause your Resource inventory to multiply.
    * City States - Fixed a bug where you could not gift aircraft to city states.
    * Military - Medic promotion now only provides healing bonus for adjacent units.
    * Military Fix for Minuteman movement.
    * Military Correct promotions for "archer-like" units (horse archers, chariots).
    * Military - Embarked units will no longer slow enemy land units
    * Military - Improved unit cycling logic. Camera will jump around much less.
    * Balance - Engineers +1 hammer


    * Military Better handling of unit need (navy vs land, etc.) .
    * Military - AI will tend to build ships to deal with blockaded cities more often
    * Military Corrected an issue hampering movement of AI armies, especially when in close proximity to enemy forces
    * Diplomacy AI will be more reluctant to offer or accept open border agreements with more powerful opponents.
    * Diplomacy Fix for never ending deals (peace, research agreements, etc).
    * City City specialization and city focus improvements.
    * City - Cities that are Avoiding Growth will not grow while that option is selected
    * Workers Priority of trading posts reduced, and rebalanced priorities on other improvements
    * Workers Improved the path-finding mechanic when building route-to roads improved, including a large performance increase when evaluating road-pathing.


    * Exploit Fix for gifting unit exploit
    * Chat Color-coding, sound alerts, etc., added for in-game chat system, including a larger window.
    * Deals Additional deal validation put in place to verify deals before they are committed


    * Research treaties that end because you declare war will no longer grant the free tech
    * Save/Load Fix for corrupted saves being experienced by some players in late-game.
    * Map - Huge map crash-during-load fix that were reported on some specific systems.
    * Map Terrain caching fix that could cause problems for certain video cards (the "glowing red orbs" seen on the map are an indicator of this).
    * Map Fix for the low res terrain that appears the first time the game is run (terrain tiles would not load in anything but low-res the first time you play on some computer configurations)
    * Strategic View Crash fix for units rendering in background.
    * Strategic View Fix for selecting units either standing on a city plot, or garrisoned in the city plot.
    * Eyefinity Better handling of leader scenes when using Eyefinity displays.
    * Tutorials Many tutorial tweaks and adjustments.
    * Multiple crash fixes.

    AI needs tones of work, but it looks like a good first step.
    Good lord are there no good games to play?

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    Also update your video card drivers. I think both AMD and NVidia updated their stuff.

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    I readily welcome this fix:

    * Military - Improved unit cycling logic. Camera will jump around much less

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