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    So it's been awhile and I'm looking to do a little upgrade to the good ole gpu. I currently have a 8800GT, so I was wondering what's the best thing I can get around $200 nowadays? ATI vs nVidia?

    Rest of the comp is:
    Intel Q6600
    Windows 7 64bit
    Abit IP Pro35 (or something)
    4GB Ram
    etc etc.


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    in that price range it's prob all the same. I'd just stick to something around 150 range if possible with the rest of the comp being so old ;)

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    lol damn, is my comp really that old now? Maybe i should just upgrade the entire thing. I OC'd the thing to 3.0ghz on air, but backed it down to 2.8 since it started to lock up. Guess ill get get a nVidia card and save some doe to upgrade from my 'old shit' lol

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    System is about 4 years old. At this point spend the $150 on a new GPU and then keep saving for a new system.

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