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Thread: permaculture (revolution)

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    permaculture (revolution)

    Some of you may know something about permaculture. On the surface it seems to be organic gardening, and to some extent it is. However, it is primarily a set of ethics, when applied gardening is at the forefront. Here's a bit about why:

    But what it also is is a way of providing for oneself (or ones immediate community) in a permanent way. The below video talks about the need for a shift in our food system... whether we like it or not.

    Over the coming decades, especially in the US, much of the population will be adopting at least some of what is preached in permaculture just to survive. Some will choose to embody it entirely and may even thrive in ways we can hardly imagine now.

    The point I'm making is that this is slow, quiet, yet ultimately fierce revolution that is going to happen irregardless of anything that happens politically ( I could happen technologicially, but I doubt it... unless ecat turns out to be real and solves all of our energy needs... lol). I call it a revolution because this process of provision undermines the need for hierarchy, even governments in their current form. Some other sort of commons based regulating body will emerge (in an online, not physical form), but I predict that will be about it.

    I could talk a long time about this and am happy to be more specific/ post links about anything as it relates if anyone has questions.

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    method, I like your postings. They are informative and interesting. But please stop using the non-word irregardless . Just use regardless. If you break down the word you will see it is silly to add the prefix ir- to a word that already has the suffix -less.
    inter arma silent leges

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    I'm curating a subject on scoopit, where I'll be posting all types of links that relate to this subject. If you want more info, check this page out.

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