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Thread: SOF2 Revival

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    SOF2 Revival

    Yes. You heard right. I downloaded SOF2 off of pirate bay (cause I lost my copy somewhere)...with keygen

    Yes...there are active servers. Just got done playing for over an hour on a few

    Yes. I know what you are thinking...why the fuck would I play a game that no one in our clan has played in over 7 years?

    Reason: It still is...that...good.

    I still get butterflies. Our comps are all good enough to play it at high res with no fps loss, and fuck me it is fun

    Anyone interested in re-downloading for some fun? Im gonna keep it and play. x[ninjax] had his discs and has installed. x[stryker] showed interest

    Been craving some capture the flag FPS goodness? LETS DO THIS
    "....everyone wants to come to my house to RAGE."

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    i still can't connect to a server. i think my prob might be hardware related tho....

    I just punched a hurricane! WOOOOO!!!!

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