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Thread: Zer0 Punctuation Boarderlands2

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    Zer0 Punctuation Boarderlands2

    Ryan, what do you have to say? He shits all over your beloved game.

    Good lord are there no good games to play?

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    It's a loot farming game that involves guns instead of wizards and warriors. Yahtzee doesn't like loot farming games, so he won't like BL2. The rest of the world pretty much agrees that BL2 is an excellent game.

    I can understand the gripe about the story and how the new set of Vault Hunters seem to superseded their predecessors. For this type of game, and considering BL1 didn't have much in the story department, this really doesn't matter much to me.
    What this game NAILS, that just about every other game fucks up, is dialogue. It's brilliant. The dialogue carries the story and quest elements of the game. While the story might be stupid, the presentation is freaking awesome.

    The quest tracking gripe was kinda dumb. They are broken down by zones, so pick a quest, go to a zone, and then clear out all the quests in the zone. It's easy.

    Vehicles handling like ass gripe. Felt that way at first, but I like how they drive in BL2.

    Asinine quests -> See 'Loot Farming Game'
    The loot farming is carried by the excellent gunplay, combat, and challenge.

    Complaining about referencing weapons -> Get better at understanding the stats and modifiers. This comes with time.

    Opening all the chests gripe: The only ones that matter are weapons chests and ammo chests. Everything else is useless after a while.

    Vacuuming loot gripe: You get good at quickly identifying gear. Cheap shit gets sucked up and vendored. That's how you make money.

    Still love Yahtzee though.

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