Has anyone heard of this game? I've been reading reviews where people just love it... apparently it is the Dark Souls of cute little RPG games...

"Etrian Odyssey IV's second major hook is that it's really, really hard. When you play it, you will die. Your characters will be one-shotted and you will want to throw your 3DS against a wall. (Do not throw your 3DS against a wall.)

To some this might sound unappetizing, but what I love about Etrian Odyssey IV's difficulty is that it's all about resource management. Your spells and items are limited, and unlike most RPGs, EOIV doesn't give you any easy ways to restore magic points or revive your characters. This is not Final Fantasy. Phoenix Downs are not cheap and plentiful here. You have to be smart to keep fighting.

So yes, like its predecessors, Etrian Odyssey IV has already turned into that game—the punishing, hardcore portable RPG that I just can't seem to stop playing. I sure do love to hate it."