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Thread: Arma3 Alpha

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    Arma3 Alpha

    Is out on Steam. I bought into it which allows the whole game when released in September-ish.

    There are 4 single player showcases including infantry, SCUBA, vehicle, and helicopters. I played the first two so far.

    It is billed as a military sim and as anyone knows from playing Arma 2 it is no twitch and shoot fps. Enemies do not have text floating above their heads to indicate where they are and friendly fire hurts. There is no health regeneration and the guns have kickback.

    The maps are huge, actually one island serves as the focal point for the Alpha with another one if I remember correctly on full release.

    Since you can't easily target the enemy, reliance on your team mates and your map for spotting and radio for command and control is essential learning.

    This is the one I have been waiting for for a more mature take on FPS and I'll post more on what I make of how vehicles and helis work and how the multiplayer shapes up.
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    The game looks awesome but i'm not sure if i should get it. Whats the play style like? It sort of reminds me of Ghost Recon or BF3 by the looks of it. Can you post a in-game vid on it or are you not allowed due to it's alpha status?
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    It's like ghostrecon/Rainbow Six Raven Shield. Its a more realistic shooter, with a sandbox area to perform missions, instead of a closed missions area.

    I also bought the Alpha.

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