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Thread: new map im making, Paris baby!!!

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    Post new map im making, Paris baby!!!

    hey making a new map for cs its gonna be of paris...i just wanna know if some of you know how to design a good eiffel tower...but imma be making betas to see how they are and stuff.
    o yeah...and do any of you know a prog that can compile the map...ive tried to use world craft but it is fucking weird to use and shit so i use QuArCk if you wanna help making the map heres my icq and email

    icq #106546264 nick Jackal
    email: [email protected]

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    o yeah .... and if anybody knows how to use and configure world craft let me know

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    I know how to use MS outlook express.

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    hehe...thanks but i dont use outlook express...well i dont need to know how to use world craft anymore...but if any of you wanna help on making the map tell me

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    I wanted to make a map but recieved a migrain trying to figure out Worldcrap


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    hey visine...i have a prog called quark which is easier..and i figured out how to use world craft if you want me to show you how...well imma finish my map in like a week or so...first i will make betas and then i will make the good wish me luck to see if its good

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    o yeah visine...i think you got my icq # so if you want me to tell you how to make the map you want to make and stuff...its pretty easy once you get the hang of it

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    oops i crapped my pants

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    yo maps is cool biatch
    if you wnat help here i em you know you are my bitch :P
    :D :p

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